Can You Sell a Property with a Lis Pendens in San Antonio?

You want to sell a house in San Antonio, but there’s something called a lis pendens on it. This notice means there is a legal fight about the property.

A lis pendens can happen for many reasons like someone not paying their loans or fighting over who owns the place.

If you try to sell your home with this notice, buyers might be scared because they see problems with the title.

Usually, if there’s a lis pendens, you need to fix those issues before handing over a clean title. It’s super important that you know what could go wrong when selling or buying a property like this.

You should talk to someone who knows about real estate laws so they can help you understand what to do next.

Sometimes fixing these issues can make it easier for people looking for houses to buy yours. But if you don’t sort them out right, there could be big troubles down the road.

Stick around and find out how dealing with a lis pendens correctly is key to selling your property smoothly!

Quick Summary

  • A Lis Pendens is a legal notice that there’s a lawsuit over the property in San Antonio. It warns people about possible ownership issues or unpaid debts linked to the land.
  • Yes, you can sell a property with a lis pendens in San Antonio, but it typically involves addressing the legal issues associated with the pending lawsuit.
  • Selling a home with a Lis Pendens can be hard because buyers might not want the risk. Also, this situation could cause delays and make getting loans tough for buyers.
  • You can remove a Lis Pendens by paying off what’s owed or going to court if it’s filed unfairly. Always talk to an expert like a real estate lawyer who knows how to handle these problems.
  • For buyers, a house with a Lis Pendens might cost less but comes with risks. As for sellers, they may struggle to sell and face extra costs due to the legal issues tied up with their property.
  • If you are dealing with this issue, it’s important to know your choices and get help from someone skilled in San Antonio property laws.

What is a Lis Pendens?

A Lis Pendens is a legal notice that indicates there is a pending lawsuit involving the property.

It can be filed for various reasons such as foreclosure, unpaid invoices, battle of ownership, or unpaid property taxes.


Lis Pendens is a legal notice that someone has filed a lawsuit involving the title or ownership of your property. This term comes from Latin, meaning “suit pending.” If you own land in San Antonio and find out there’s a lis pendens against it, someone is claiming they have rights to your property.

They might say you didn’t pay them for work done, or that they should own part of the land.

This notice is all about alerting others that your property is at the center of a court case. It tells people that if they buy your home, they could get tangled up in this legal fight.

In Texas law, such notices must connect directly to claims on your real estate. So if someone files one, they’re saying their lawsuit has something solid to do with owning or using your place.

Putting out a lis pendens aims to protect the person filing it by making sure everyone knows about their claim before anything happens with the property. The goal isn’t to stop your sale but to let potential buyers know what’s going on legally with your house before they decide to purchase it.

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Reasons for filing (foreclosure, unpaid invoices, battle of ownership, unpaid property taxes)

Property owners file lis pendens for various reasons, including:

  1. Foreclosure: When there is a risk of foreclosure due to defaulting on mortgage payments.
  2. Unpaid Invoices: If there are unpaid bills or invoices related to the property.
  3. Battle of Ownership: In case of disputes regarding ownership or inheritance rights.
  4. Unpaid Property Taxes: When property taxes remain outstanding and unresolved.

Impact of Lis Pendens on Sale of Property

Selling a property with a Lis Pendens can be challenging as it may make it difficult to find a buyer, and there are potential risks for the buyer when purchasing a property with a pending legal claim.

Difficulty in finding a buyer

A property with a lis pendens can make it challenging to find a buyer. The notice signals potential risks and may discourage purchasers, as it indicates that someone else claims an interest in the property.

Additionally, the presence of a lis pendens can complicate the title search process, making buyers hesitant to proceed with the purchase.

In San Antonio, dealing with a property under lis pendens can lead to difficulties in attracting potential buyers due to the complications and risks associated with unresolved claims on the property.

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Potential risks for the buyer

A lis pendens can make it difficult for a buyer to get financing. The title will not be clean when the property is being searched, and this could cause delays in the sale process. It also puts buyers on notice that someone other than the seller claims an interest in the property, which could lead to potential complications or legal disputes down the line.

Before purchasing a property with a lis pendens, buyers should seek legal advice to fully understand the implications. Although it’s possible to buy a property with a lis pendens, there are risks involved.

Buyers need to be aware of these risks and take necessary precautions before proceeding with the purchase.

How to Deal with a Lis Pendens

To deal with a Lis Pendens, you have options for removing it such as satisfying the lien or filing an expunge motion.

It’s important to have a real estate expert on your side who is knowledgeable about property law and can guide you through the process.

Options for removing a Lis Pendens

To remove a Lis Pendens from your property in San Antonio, you have several options available. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Satisfy the Lien: You can satisfy the monetary claim or resolve the dispute that led to the filing of the Lis Pendens.
  2. Expunge Motion: File an expunge motion with the court if you believe the Lis Pendens was wrongfully filed or is no longer necessary.
  3. Seek Legal Advice: Consult a real estate expert or attorney to understand your rights and explore legal avenues for removing the Lis Pendens.
  4. Resolve Dispute: If the Lis Pendens is related to ownership or property disputes, consider resolving the underlying issues through negotiation or legal proceedings.
  5. Update Title Records: Once the underlying issue is resolved, ensure that all relevant documents are filed to update the title records and remove the Lis Pendens from public records.

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Importance of having a real estate expert on your side

Having a real estate expert on your side is crucial when dealing with a lis pendens. They can provide valuable guidance on the legal procedures and help navigate through the complexities of property disputes in San Antonio.

An experienced professional can assist in assessing the implications, ensuring all necessary steps are taken to satisfy the lien, and safeguarding your interests throughout the property transaction process.

Their knowledge of Texas laws and real estate litigation will be advantageous in resolving any title issues or restrictions related to property sale, providing peace of mind for homeowners facing such challenges.

Additional Real Estate Advice:

Examples of recent real estate and property law articles

Recent real estate and property law articles shed light on the complexities of dealing with a lis pendens when selling your property. In these articles, experts underline the importance of understanding how a lis pendens can impact real estate transactions in Texas.

They emphasize that while it doesn’t prevent the sale, it does complicate matters and can affect the title search process. Legal professionals stress seeking advice to navigate this issue effectively.

Additionally, recent articles discuss various court procedures associated with removing a lis pendens. These resources delve into options available for satisfying liens and potential risks for buyers if not handled properly.

The Opportunities and Consequences of a Lis Pendens

Removing a Lis Pendens can present an opportunity for buyers to purchase the property at a reduced price, but it also comes with risks and consequences for sellers. It’s essential to understand the implications and options available when dealing with a property affected by a Lis Pendens.

Removing a Lis Pendens can present an opportunity for buyers

If a property has a Lis Pendens, as a buyer, you have an opportunity to negotiate with the seller for a lower price or favorable terms due to the complications it poses. This can potentially allow you to acquire the property at a reduced cost or secure better conditions, making it a potential advantage in your real estate transaction.

Understanding this aspect and seeking legal advice could prove beneficial in navigating through such situations for homeowners in San Antonio.

Remembering their importance when selling real estate is crucial to understanding their impact on transactions involving property ownership and lien satisfaction.

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Risks and consequences for sellers

Selling a property with a lis pendens in San Antonio can present significant risks for sellers. The presence of a lis pendens can deter potential buyers, leading to difficulty in finding a purchaser willing to navigate the complexities involved.

Additionally, even if a buyer is found, the seller may face challenges during the closing process due to the need for resolving the lien before transferring clear title.

Furthermore, sellers should be aware that dealing with a lis pendens can result in extended timelines and additional legal costs associated with clearing the cloud on title.

These hurdles might lead to financial strain and uncertainty throughout the selling process as well as potentially affecting their ability to unlock the full value of their property.


Selling a property with a lis pendens in San Antonio is possible but comes with complexities.

Understanding the impact and ways to deal with it is vital. Seek expert advice and comprehend the implications before proceeding with a sale.

Removing a lis pendens can create opportunities for buyers while posing risks for sellers.

Stay informed and empowered when navigating real estate transactions involving lis pendens.

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1. What is a lis pendens and how does it affect selling my property in San Antonio?

A lis pendens is a notice that someone has a legal claim or lawsuit involving your property. It can limit your ability to sell the property because buyers might be worried about potential ownership issues.

2. Can I still make a real estate sales agreement with a lis pendens on my San Antonio property?

Yes, you can sign an agreement to sell your property, but the buyer may want the issue cleared up before finishing the sale.

3. Will having a lis pendens mean there’s a lien on my San Antonio home?

Not always. A lien means someone has rights to part of your home’s value due to debt, while a lis pendens just shows there’s an active lawsuit related to your property.

4. Are there special steps I must take when selling my house with a lis pendens in place?

You should talk to an expert who knows about such transactions because they can be complex and have extra restrictions compared to regular homeownership sales.

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